With the Ökozentrum as an engineering partner, Compag Recycling und Umwelttechnik AG is creating a new pyrolysis system for remnants that can cause problems in wood firing.

With the help of a new, simplified and very clean pyrolysis process, biochar is produced from untreated wood residues, bark, digestate or sieve excess from composting.

The gases released in this process are burned in a FLOX burner and converted into electricity and heat by a hot-air turbine.

If biochar is used as a peat substitute for the production of very fertile vegetable soil, this carbon remains stable for several thousand years and thus represents a CO2 sink.

For every kilowatt hour of useful energy generated, 400 to 500 g of CO2 are permanently removed from the atmosphere and stored safely, with additional benefits for the soil.


Therefore: Climate-positive energy! 

 Pyrolysis plant for thermal utilization of biomass CPP800

Suitable substrates:

Biomass with a water content of maximum 40%!

Biomass with too high a water content can be dried with excess heat.

  • Digestate from biogas plants (elimination of impurities)
  • Screenings from composting (elimination of impurities)
  • Sewage sludge dewatered and dried
  • Paper sludge dewatered and dried
  • Driftwood from rivers and lakes (heavily contaminated by sand and mud)
  • Landscaping lawn cuts – Branches
  • Leaves (for ex. palm leaves or remains of date palms)
  • Miscellaneous seeds
  • Rice- and corn husks
  • Coco nut shells
  • Cashew nut shells (kidney tree)
  • Coffee residues
  • Coffee and cocoa residues
  • Crop residues from agriculture
  • Straw
  • Cherry stones from distilleries and other processing plants
  • Stone fruit residues
  • Grape marc
  • Etcetera (the list can be easily extended)


German: Flyer CPP500-1500 (PDF)

English: Flyer CPP500-1500 (PDF)

French: Flyer CPP500-1500 (PDF)


Short film from the eco center - treat yourself to 5 minutes of short vacation in Vietnam!

There we were able to convert at least four problems into one solution: groundwater contaminating waste and smoke disappear, soil improvers and mineral fertilizers for the plantations are created - and at the same time there is still energy left to dry green coffee.

Climate benefits are generated as a treat.
The solution is called pyrolysis and biochar!
Have a nice trip!

Film (YouTube - Englisch)