ZAK in Kaiserslautern Germany

Composting facility

Building owner:

ZAK Zweckverband Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern, Kapiteltal, D-67697 Kaiserslautern




Contact: Mr Dr.-Ing. Gregor Stadtmüller


Function: Management


Phone: +49 631 34 117 11 26


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Composting facility



Planning and implementation of the turnkey facility System COMPAG.

Construction time:

12 month


Investment costs included building construction: CHF 13,0 Mio.

Capacity: 20'000 tons per year

Commissioning: 01 - 06/2000

Input: biowaste form the city and region of Kaiserslautern

Process engineering: Closed composting plant System COMPAG with biofilter technology

System engineering: bunker with dosing unit, shredder, separation treatment, conveyor system, pressure ventilation with biofilter, treatment for final compost